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Hypnosis CD's and downloads by Matthew A. Ferguson
Motivation Training Student Reading List

The Motivation Method series of mp3 downloads and CD's by Matthew A. Ferguson

Matthew has personally recorded and written all Motivation Method mp3 downloads, CD's and manuals. Many of these contain processes that he would use if he was holding a personal session with you. The advantage of these downloads and cd's is that you can listen to them over and over again when you want at a time convenient for you.

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The Motivation Method series have been recommended and reviewed by
The Anglo-American Book Company

All titles below are available on itunes, Amazon and Audible.co.uk. Some of these titles are available in CD format. If you wish to purchase them as a CD please click on the Add to Cart button. 

The Courage to Change, The Patience to Grow
(Four essential skills for Personal Freedom)

by Matthew A. Ferguson

This hypnosis/nlp download helps you develop realistic and positive attitudes in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding. It does this by giving you four simple, imaginative, empowering skills that use your memory, imagination and internal resources. You will find yourself both relaxed and empowered. Engage with the skills that are suggested and you will find a new level of motivation and personal growth.

Courage to Change, The Patience to Grow by Matthew Ferguson

These four skills are :-

  • Changing Negative Memories
  • Connect with your strengths and build your resources
  • Creating and Living your Values
  • Creating and Living your Dream

"There are lots of self-help resources and therapies out there, but this one is a must. 'The Courage to Change, Patience to Grow' is all about making positive changes in life, using techniques to tap into the power of your own mind so that you can create a life of meaning, success and happiness. Matthew's years of experience as an NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner and passion for helping people really comes through. It has enabled me to create powerful images of what I want to achieve, and more importantly, why. The simple exercises have helped me connect my goals back to my values, therefore giving more meaning to the changes I want to make and the inner momentum to do what I need to do".

Karen Darke Ph.d (author of "If You Fall") Karen won a Silver Medal in the Handbiking Paralympics 5th September 2012.  Congratulations Karen!

www.karendarke.com and www.inspireandimpact.com

Buy now:

The Courage to Change, The Patience to Grow: Four Essential Skills for Personal Freedom (Unabridged) - Matthew A. Ferguson


Motivation Method for Weight Loss
(a relaxing journey to the slimmer you)

by Matthew A. Ferguson

This is a unique approach designed to help you lose weight by changing your habits and reinforcing your commitment and motivation. You will be tapping into deeper levels of your mind and taking positive action to a slimmer you. It will direct you to a new healthy lifestyle that puts you in charge of your weight and health without the need for complicated diets.

Motivation Method for Weight Loss by Matthew Ferguson

"Having used other weight loss Cd's from well known sources, and not really getting anywhere, I decided to give Motivation Method for Weight Loss a chance.  It is excellent; Matthew enables you to find and use the resources within, tapping into the subconscious mind and finding the motivation necessary to lose the dreaded weight you think will never come off. Magic? Four days and four pounds lighter I realise this is not magic but my own mind choosing to eat a healthy diet and not overindulge. As Matthew says 'Nothing tastes as good as being in control feels.' This CD offers total relaxation and the ability to change habits of a life time. - Vanessa, Hampshire

"I went on a Motivation Retreat where I learnt to use The Motivation Method for Weight Loss. I was so inspired! When I got home I spent the first week completely re-organising my food cupboard. I lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks and can now get into clothes I'd forgotten I had!" - Sarah, Wales

Available as download mp3 with free pdf manual or a CD version with manual

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Motivation Method for Weight Loss: A Relaxing Journey to the Slimmer You (Unabridged) - Matthew A. Ferguson

CD version with manual - £10.00 including P+P


Motivation Method to Stop Smoking
(a relaxing journey to your smoke free future)

by Matthew A. Ferguson

Experience this dynamic method to help you break free of smoking forever. When you actively engage your determination, commitment and imagination with what you want to achieve you will greatly increase your chances of success. It's like an athelete who visualises crossing the winning line. You too can learn to use your mind in this way to gain freedom from smoking.


Motivation Method to Stop Smoking by Matthew Ferguson

"I wanted to be a non-smoker for many years - the courage to be one came when I discovered the Motivation Method to Stop Smoking. I have not looked back. It did what it said - I am now leading a smoke free life" - Fiona, Scotland

Available as download mp3 with free pdf manual or a CD version with manual

Buy now:

Motivation Method to Stop Smoking: A Relaxing Journey to Your Smoke Free Future (Unabridged) - Matthew A. Ferguson

CD version with manual - £10.00 including P+P


Motivation Method Stress Management
with Positive Motivation
by Matthew A. Ferguson

This is a complete system to manage your stress and regain your motivation. It will take you on a four part journey to personal empowerment and guide you through insights and skills to improved stress management with positive motivation. The unique combination of relaxing hypnotic journeys and positive practical motivational exercises will ensure you become better able to deal with the challenges of stress. It will help you gain positive states of mind to deal with stressful thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a proactive and positively motivated way.

Motivation Method Stress Management with Positive Motivation by Matthew Ferguson

"Matthew's Stress Management CD and manual is an excellent guide that leaves you feeling that you have the tools to establish your stresses and gives you steps to better health.  The CD is a nice compliment to support you during this journey." Louise - Scotland

"Thank you for giving me strength and courage. After using the Motivation Method Stress Management programme my life is getting better every day. I am back in full time employment and have a fantastic new relationship. How good is that!" - Peter,   London

Available as download mp3 with free pdf manual or a CD version with manual

Buy now:

Motivation Method Stress Management with Positive Motivation (Unabridged) - Matthew A. Ferguson


CD version with bound manual/book - £14.99


Got Vision

Here is a fantastic, easy to use software for making your own CD's. You can choose free music or use your own, add your voice and combine them together and hey presto you have your own personalised CD or MP3 or load onto your Ipod. Great for your own personal affirmations or to make CD to hand out to Clients etc. It is downloaded to your Computer and has been designed for PC's and Macs.

To read more about Got Vision :-

Click here for more information and download

Here's what Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Success PrinciplesT How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be and The Power of Focus had to say:

'I love this product. It instantly gives the average person a cost-effective way to combine personalized background music with their own affirmations and visions of their ideal life and create a CD or MP3 file for their I-pod or MP3 player. Then you can listen to your affirmations every day and burn them deeply into your subconscious mind. This assures an accelerated achievement of your goals.'

Royalty Free Music from Silencio

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Silencio Music - Blissful flowing music for hypnotherapy, relaxation and meditation based on scientific research into the beneficial effects and influenced by healing music from many different genres and cultures.  At Silencio Music they create deeply relaxing music which emanates peace, tranquility and harmony.

When you purchase any of their royalty-free music you will also receive a license which allows the use of their music as therapeutic background for spas and therapy rooms.  It also allows the use of their music in the production of your own guided meditation or hypnotherapy CDs, DVDs, downloads and podcasts without having to pay extra royalties or license/performance fees.

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Suggested Reading List for all Students of
Hypnotherapy Training and NLP Courses - Modules 1, 2 & 3

The following list of books are recommended reading for Motivation Training's Hypnotherapy training and NLP courses.  Although it is not necessary to read them all, these books would be a valuable addition to your professional library.  All the books are available to view during the training. Please be aware that all the commission earned from every book etc., sold via the Motivation Training web site, goes to Plan International who help communities all over the world by making lasting improvements that benefit children from poor families.


Module 1 Reading list:

Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy
by Roger P. Allen

This provides deepeners and scripts that are easy to understand and use. They are a good resource as you develop your own approaches and gain experience.


Self-Hypnosis The Complete Guide to Better Health and Self-Change
by Dr. Brian Alman

This is a good reference book with simple explanations, scripts and approaches for self-hypnosis.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies
by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton

Don't let the word Dummies put you off, this book offers a simple step by step approach to NLP and its major concepts


Hypnotherapy Scripts
A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing by Ronald. A. Havens

An excellent book for Scripts


Module 2 and 3 Reading list:

by Dr. Richard Bolstad

A really useful therapeutic approach to NLP and a good overview of its links to other therapeutic schools.


NLP The New Technology of Achievement
by Steve Andreas

This is good for various personal development techniques


Ericksonian Approaches
by Battino and South

A great resource to Ericksonian hypnosis


Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis
by Michael Heap & Kottiyattil K. Aravind

A well structured academic approach that gives a good history, theory and provides practical applications.

Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance-formation
by Richard Bandler

Bandler's most concise, clean, practical and well written book. A must for coaches and therapists.


Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors
by D. Corydon Hammond

Another great resource for scripts and strategies, a classic – commonly known as ‘The Big Red’


by Dr. Michael D. Yapko

A comprehensive guide to clinical hypnosis


Positive Psychology Coaching
by Robert Bisway-Diener & Ben Dean

A good book for research evidence of the benefits of Positive Psychology. Plus exercises you can use for yourself and clients.


Performance Coaching
by Angus McLeod

Coching structures utilising NLP approaches


Coaching for Performance
by John Whitmore

A classic in the general coaching field.


Authentic Happiness
by Martin Seligman

Martin Seligman is the leading light in the positive psychology movement. This book is an interesting read and has some good exercises to apply in coaching.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies
by Rob Willson & Rhena Branch

As ever the dummies series underplays itself as it provides a good practical framework on CBT.


Using CBT in General Practice
by Lee David

Written by a Doctor and geared to practical applications in short consultations.


Other Books, DVD's and CD's for your Library

Mindfulness & Hypnosis
by Michael Yapko

A really good book bringing together the understanding of Hypnosis and Mindfulness


101 Things I wish I'd known when I started using hypnosis

A good short book with easy and concise tips.


Man’s Search for Meaning
by Victor Frankl

A great book for underpinning meaning


Buddha's Brain
by Rick Hanson

This book brings together the latest neuroscience on the positive effects of meditation, NLP skills, Positive Psychology  ( though not explicitly stated as such) and the underlying philosophy of Buddism.


Incognito (The Secret Lives of the Brain)
by David Eagleman

A fascinating and enlightening study of our brain/mind/biology. If you are really curious with an open scientifically orientated mind then you will enjoy this book.


Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children
by Lynda Hudson

An excellent book for both the overall approaches for working with children and for common childhood behaviour such as bedwetting etc.


Mindfulness for Dummies
by Shamash Alidina

Another good book in the Dummies series providing a single and clear introduction to Mindfulness.  Includes a Meditation CD.


Spontaneous Evolution Our Positive Future (and a way to get there from here)
by Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D.
and Steve Bhaerman

An essential Read! This book brings together the latest discoveries in cellular biology, its implications for our health, society and  evolution.


Genie in Your Genes
by Dawson Church

This is an exploration of new understandings in biology and how energy psychologies like "Tapping" work.


The Brain that Changes Itself
by Norman Doidge

A fascinating and well researched study of how remarkably flexible (plastic) our brains are and how we can use these new scientific discoveries.


Evolve your Brain
by Joe Dispenza

A comprehensive study of brain function at the neuro chemical synaptic level. It provides a sound understanding of cutting edge brain neurology. It also explains the importance of the practical use of imagination with visualisation and positive suggestions, and alerts us to how important developing these skills are at every level.


Hidden Depths
by Robin Waterfield

This is a comprehensive and intelligently written book on the history of hypnosis.  It is densely packed with historical information that will be of interest to students who enjoy objective journalistic approaches.


An Insider's Guide to Sub-Modalities
by Richard Bandler

A clear simple example of the use of sub-modalities for those who understand NLP.


Frogs into Princes
by Richard Bandler & John Grinder

An original Bandler classic.



My Stroke of Insight
by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

A great small book about stroke recovery and the importance of encouraging right brain activity.



Overcoming Depression
by Paul Gilbert

A good self-help book using Cognitive behavioural styles.


Treating Depression with Hypnosis
by Michael D. Yapko

Another classic that gives you good approaches to the use of hypnosis to treat depression.



Emotional Healing in Minutes
by Valerie and Paul Lynch

A quick and easy to understand book using Meridian therapy.


If You Fall.
By Karen Darke

A book written by our graduate Karen Darke.

"Karen's captivating story shines a bright light On the meaning of challenge, and on the limitless capabilities of the human spirit." Ranulph Fiennes, expedition leader.


The Scientific American Brave new Brain
by Judith Hortsman and Scientific American

This book contains many of the latest discoveries in neuro-science. A very enjoyable and educational read.



What the Bleep do we know

An interesting film with leading cutting edge scientists and others talking about Quantum Nature.



Heal yourself with Medical Hypnosis
by Andrew Weil & Steven Gurgevich

A well structured hypnosis CD with self induction techniques and healing visualisation.


The Soul of Healing Meditations
by Deepak Chopra

As ever, Deepak Chopra's soothing voice takes you through lovely hypnotic meditations for healing.

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