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Hypnotherapy course students

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Hypnotherapy & NLP Graduate Testimonials

Some of our students achievements and testimonials since graduation :-


Our students/graduates come from all walks of life - below is a sample of their very kind and thoughtful testimonials :-

A testimonial from Roger Ward-Dutton (Executive Life Coach) 2015

What a fantastic find this course was. Matt somehow manages to blend hypnotherapy and NLP together seamlessly while still allowing each to stand alone in concept and practicality. Also seamless is the transition from fundamental principles to advanced techniques - beautifully done.  The course is stimulating, challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Whether you want to start a business/expand your current business, improve a present skill set or simply sort your own life out, this course must be on your list.  You won't just be able to talk the talk; you will actually become a competent hypnotherapist and NLP Coach.  Thank you Matthew for your attention, hospitality and outright professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and have learned more than I could have anticipated.

A testimonial from Anne-Marie Wickham

My name is Anne-Marie, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Positivity Empowerment Coach. I specialise in Confidence, Assertiveness & Addictions. More recently I have embarked on a career as a public speaker. My Hypnotherapy & Coaching training with Motivation Training Ltd totally changed my life. 2 Years ago my life was completely different and totally unrecognisable from today.  I was a nursery manager and had just been made redundant from a 3 month contract, I was living in a first floor flat with 2 children aged 11 & 12  ( a boy and girl) and life was very challenging.  I made a decision to focus and work my way out of this situation as I embarked on a journey of personal growth and a determined belief that I could change my destiny if I believed it to be so.

A regular coaching course wasn’t for me, as I felt the pastoral care to be sadly lacking, and as I searched for an alternative I stumbled upon Motivation Training online and decided to sign up. That decision changed my life. I completed the course, made some amazing friends whom I still know today and embarked on a whole new career.  2 years later I absolutely love my work and I am definitely LIVING THE DREAM.  I get so much joy from the transitions I make to people’s lives, and now have begun publicly speaking about the change I have made in My Life.

I have written a book ‘From Council Care to Millionaire’, which I am in the process of editing.  The title tells just how much progress and healing I have made in my life.

You can find my audios on any of these YouTube channels:-  My testimonials using Hypnotherapy and some of my Speaking/Talks

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my journey or my time at Motivation Training Ltd

A testimonial from Nicoletta Clementi (Psychiatrist) 2017

This course with Matthew at Motivation Training is everything I was looking for. I work as a psychiatrist and was eager to learn more about hypnotherapy and NLP both by exploring theories and also by refining the practice. Matthew delivers his course with a perfect balance between review of the theory, techniques, history, daily practice and exercises of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. His knowledge, extensive experience with many years of work in the field, empathy, perfect pace, approachability, fantastic sense of humour, clear and engaging style, made this course not only extremely valid from an 'academic' stand point but also as a good platform for mind opener philosophical debates. I felt that the course not only helped me to become a better clinician but also a better individual. The natural environment is beautiful, peaceful and the perfect scenario for such a course. Jan, Matthew’s wife is not only an amazing cook (with an important attention and focus on healthy and extremely delicious recipes) but also a brilliant mind that would challenge your neurons (in a lovely humorous way) between lessons.. The small group of students is certainly very positive. Everyone in the group had space and time to ask questions and we all felt listened to. Amazing friendships were formed with like minded people. Certainly no one question was ignored by Matthew who always made sure we were up to speed with the material presented. Matthew’s empathy made a big difference, certainly a mentor I will choose any time. He is also a very effective hypnotherapist and NLP coach, I was touched by his dedication to his clients and to their journey towards healing and achievement of their life goals. I can’t thank you enough Matthew.

A testimonial from Ade Jevans - 2015

After searching the internet to find the course most suitable for my future career and learning needs, I settled on Matthew Ferguson and Motivation Training. I was not disappointed, in fact, the whole learning experience exceeded my expectations.  The pace, content and delivery were spot on. Not only did I come away with all the certifications I needed, but with fond memories, good friends and the knowledge that Motivation Training is always there if I need any further support.  Thanks Matthew.

A testimonial from Sandie Carver Renton (Operations Manager BT Openreach) 2015

As an Operations Manager, I was unsure if I would be out of my depth taking on such a course, but I could not have been more wrong.  What can one say about Matthew Ferguson and Motivation Training. It has been the most fantastic experience and invaluable learning. Matthew has a unique and original teaching style and his delivery is exceptional. Not only do I have new skills, I have grown as a person, and met some wonderful people on the journey. I am now able to use my skills in daily live and in helping others. I can safely say, to study with Motivation Training has been the best decision I have made and life changing. The set up Matthew has is wonderful and in the most stunning location. This makes for a fantastic and safe environment to learn. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

A testimonial from Ben Guyat (Coach)

I’m lucky enough to be able to pin point the exact moment when my career as a coach started. It was the first time a got to sit down in a room and learn about NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching from Matthew Ferguson (the owner and head trainer at Motivation Training). I can honestly say that I would not have been able to help as many people with the work that I now do without the great grounding that Matthew gave me in the fields of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. No matter what your profession or career path is, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy can open the door to:

  • Improving your ability to understand yourself and others and be able to communicate with deeper insight and wisdom.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding in “what makes us work” as human beings.
  • Creating successful, sustainable change and increased performance in ourselves and others.

Matthew’s Training is a wonderful combination of great teaching and training, backed up with a huge depth of experience brought to life with a genuine passion to help others learn.

Whether you are looking to add new skills to your professional abilities or are looking for a new career path, I genuinely believe that everyone can benefit from learning these skills and wholeheartedly recommend Motivation Training.

A testimonial from Derek Borthwick

Matthew, A quick note of thanks to you both for the wonderful experience you provided.  Before the course I don't think I realized how unconsciously stressed I was and my mind was definitely not in the right place. Since starting course my relationships have improved with my family, my children, my partner and my friends. In fact people have said this is the most relaxed they have seen me in years.

I have been on many courses over the years and this is by far the best in terms of enjoyment, teaching style and interaction that I have experienced. I actually felt disappointed when it was over as I was always looking forward to my next instalment.

Over the years I have ready many books but somehow it all seemed a bit disjointed, a bit like reading a manual on how to drive a car but not having the experience of actually doing it. Initially, as I like to press on with things, before I joined the course I thought the gaps between the courses might be too long. I was completely wrong!! They allowed the material to sink in effortlessly and easily and for us to have real experience, read and practice. Being on location in the Highlands also somehow seemed to calm the mind and just let thoughts go on in the background.

Often with courses in the past the material seems great at the time and is forgotten in a week or so and back come the old behaviours. It is the first time I thing I have experienced conscious as well as unconscious learning in such an effortless way.

The sad thing is that this material is so useful that it should be compulsory for everyone and if taught the way as it was to me, would be so easy for everyone to the understand, use and better themselves.

I liked the way Matthew cut the need for academic and intellectual chess and instead just said it as it is showing how to integrate the different skills to achieve results.

I would say that this is the best money I have ever spent and the skills are now so embedded they will be with me for life. I got everything I wanted from this experience and more. In fact this is not a course but an experience and change process in itself.

It was also refreshing not to have the hard sell and upselling but rather a true course with integrity, professionalism and fun.

Thank you so much.  Derek.

A testimonial from Dr. Dora Jonathan-Withers
(PhD, LLM (Mental Health Law), Dip CBT C.Hyp)(West of Scotland Psychological Services)

I looked into lots of different options for study and as a jobbing clinician in private practice the right fit was imperative. I spent almost a year researching for courses and settled on Motivation Training.  The reason is simple, it was the best in so many ways.  Below are just some of them:-

1. It was modular and each module was structured, concise, practical and very well written and delivered so elegnantly by Matthew.

2. It was an accredited from bona fide professional organisations.  This signalled a sound and serious course.  The content is well presented and has a great balance between practice and theory.  The teaching methods equally well balanced between diadactic, videos and other learning methods; as well as hands on practice.

3.It was a non-scripted course which proves that the trainer is experienced and knowledgeable.

4. The setting in the Highlands of Scotland was an added bonus.

As a practicing Psychologist and Mental Health Lawyer, the programme Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching was just what I was looking. It enhanced my portfolio of helpful interventions and of course my practice, as well as myself as a mental health practitioner.  My practice has thus far benefited greatly from the course as have I.

Thank you Matthew for making this an examplar of what care focused training should be like.  I have already recommended this training to some colleagues who I think might be interested.

Another thank you to the support given by Jan who made me feel so at home with her warmth and sense of humour and great food.

A testimonial from Richard Reed (Journalist, Editor and Author)

I can honestly say I learned more in three months with Matthew at Motivation Training than I would have done in a whole year of academic study. His practical, hands-on approach, combined with a brilliant sense of humour, combined to make the course both enjoyable and memorable, in every sense of the word. As well as learning professional skills, the insights that I gained from understanding how the mind works have been a revelation in my own life. The help I have been able to give my partner, who was suffering from the aftermath of a painful divorce, has been worth the price of the course on its own.

A testimonial from Karen Darke BSc. PhD.
World Champion and Silver Medalist - 2012 Paralympics

Since her training with us two years ago, Karen Darke has developed the skills and the confidence to work for herself as a motivational speaker, hypnotherapist and coach.

"When I embarked on the course in Hypnotherapy and NLP with Motivation Training, I wasn't sure what to expect or if it was really for me.  The style of the course is informal and very practical.  Theory is woven with practice from day one which enabled me to very quickly develop confidence and understanding of the techniques and tools involved.  The style of the course, being residential and located in the Highlands of Scotland adds quality, giving the opportunity to learn alongside others, creating a holistic learning experience rather than 'just another course'.  I thoroughly enjoyed my training and it has enabled me to now practice as a NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Motivational Coach and Corportate Trainer.Prior to doing the nlp training course, I worked in learning and development as part of the HR team for a large multinational. Although I enjoyed this, I wanted more "hands-on" experience of working with people and supporting them in their development. The combination of hypnotherapy training, NLP training and coaching have given me the skills to do that.The training offered a solid base of practical and theoretical learning, alongside the coaching and support that are cornerstone to Matthew's style of teaching. Matthew, you have helped me make profound changes in my life and I am now helping others make changes in theirs". Matthew's coaching also helped me get pen to paper and write my first book, "If You Fall."!  Dr. Karen Darke PhD (author of  ‘If you Fall’ and ‘Boundless’ and the first disabled women to ski across Greenland coast to coast.  Silver Medalist at Paralympics London 2012 and Paratriathlon World Champion).

See Karen's video testimonial at the top of this page.

Karen Darke
BSc; PhD; Dip. Development Training;  Dip. NLP & Hypnotherapy;
Cert. Positive Impact Coaching; Dip. TCM;
Cert. CIPD Learning & Development

A testimonial from Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

Both Ian Geddes and myself trained with Matt and Jan at Motivation Training. The setting in the beautiful Scottish Highlands allowed us to quickly settle in and provided some instant calm and harmony. Since then our business, Susan Chan Associates has taken off and we now work here in the UK and Shanghai China. The training was flawlessly presented with a fluidity of style and knowledge that most certainly gave us the skills and confidence to practice. Thanks Matt and Jan!

Susan Chan Associates Mission Statement - Enabling life’s high achievers to attain both their personal and professional goals, Susan Chan and Associates is an international consultancy with practices in Shanghai and Scotland. With a unique holistic approach combining mindfulness, well-being and pioneering performance techniques, the consultancy helps clients re-balance, de-stress and re-focus, redressing the ‘deficit of success’ experienced by so many driven, motivated executives and entrepreneurs.  www.susanchanassociates.com

A testimonial from Dr. Eugene D'Souza MBBS MRCPsych.

As a psychiatrist working in the NHS, I found the humanistic emphasis of this course very refreshing. Matt's informal and friendly style was really engaging and I left the course feeling that I had experienced a paradigm shift with regards to working with clients. Therapeutic optimism can be a casualty when working with complex cases with limited resources in an often impersonal public health set-up. Cynicism can gradually creep in. The principles of NLP and hypnotherapy I have learnt here were an empowering corrective. The setting is beautiful and Jan is a real whiz in the kitchen! I recommend anyone looking for nlp training courses or hypnotherapy training courses to come here to Motivation Training. Thank You so much.

A testimonial from Linda Waite BScPsyc(Hons) Dip.C.Hyp/NLP

"I chose this Hypnotherapy course and NLP training because I felt that the content was not only thorough, including a broad range of techniques that could be applied with clients, but also because it included latest research, and I was not disappointed. Having just completed a three years academic study in BSc Psychology, Matthew's approach at Motivation Training was like a breath of fresh air. The course is taught with a mixture of lectures, use of multi-media, theory and practice, thus providing a great balance in a relaxing environment. Whilst it was an intensive course, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to learn and put all the skills into practice - this was with thanks to Matthew's unique teaching skills which made learning enjoyable and fun. This is an inspirational course, taught by an inspirational teacher who has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to create a firm grounding for my own practice. I'm looking forward to taking all these skills and knowledge out into the real world and applying the techniques to help people improve their lives.  This is the start of a new journey for me, and I have Matthew to thank for helping me to change my life and making the future that I desire obtainable".

Here is a case study from Lee Hayward who runs a Charity started in 2013 'Save our Soldier'

Hi Jan and Matt, Just to show you that the "Motivation Training" camp is still doing good work in the community via its former students. I have attached a commendation from a Royal Marine. I completed the work using a combination of techniques including Clinical Hypnosis, Swish, Sub-modality changes, collapsing anchors and Integral Eye Movement techniques and various anxiety reduction "tools". I find this work hugely rewarding.

To quote Matt again "This stuff works................"


What does Save Our Soldier do ?

We address the broken lives of combatants damaged through war and also those of their partners or family who have been negatively affected, aiming to repair the psychological injuries caused by shellshock, war trauma or post traumatic stress injury, and helping minimize unresourceful states. Once this is achieved, fuller lives and positive prospects become possible again, and successful integration into everyday civilian life is greatly improved.  This helps redirect, or prevent further damage in, those suffering, perhaps already going down the slippery slope of self- medication addressing, for example, problems with family life, work issues, homelessness, depression, regret to the point where there seems no hope or future for the severest cases who, tragically, no longer see a reason to continue living.

We aspire to “Save Our Soldier” by providing help and interventions that prevent  irreparable wounding from the “silent bullet”, which destroys lives long after the battle is over.

Our service is free to veterans or those engaged in active duty, from any branch of service: land, sea or air, of any conflict past or present.

A commendation for Lee from a Marine.

With honour, pride and courage, my many colleagues and I, to the best of our ability, fought bravely for Queen and country to preserve the principles that so many take for granted. During my tour of Afghanistan in 2008, I was injured in an IED explosion. Because of that event I was troubled in many ways, suffered tension, guilt and breathlessness. I felt totally weighed down with my life. I had no direction. I retreated from social events, suffered anxiety attacks, as I became physically sick with anxiety if I did go out. I sometimes felt depressed, had flashes of uncontrollable anger, and found concentrating difficult.

I was not the person that left England to represent his country and my character was almost unrecognisable to my long-term partner. I hadn't been able to relax for years. Despite receiving much needed counselling and mental health support over the past few years, my state of mind remained much the same. I wasn't ready to go back to Civvy Street.

It all changed after I attended a programme with Malcolm Williams and Lee Hayward. The transformation in my life has been positively dramatic. They have re-enabled me to get my life back on track. Emotional outbursts and flashes of anger have now been significantly reduced to the point that life is becoming normalized, and I can see a future where before I wasn't sure if I really had one. My domestic life has improved; I can go out socially, have a steady job and can foresee a life integrated back in society.

The programme I attended brought me back home, back to my family and closer to the way I used to be. I highly recommend Malcolm and Lee to anyone suffering from the trauma of war or PTSD.

A proud Marine. SJ.

A testimonial from John Parrott

I am a senior manager with a medium sized IT consultancy company and I attended this NLP and Hypnotherapy course in order to help me:

  • Establish strong rapport with my clients and colleagues
  • Manage the stress of my job and assist others to manage work stress
  • Mentor and coach my employees and consultants (and the children I work with in my role as a volunteer rugby coach)
  • Take a different perspective on my life and open up alternative career possibilities for the future
  • Use Neuro-linguistic programming in my daily life

I selected this NLP course because I felt it offered great value for money and included the Hypnotherapy Training that enabled me to develop real skills over a relatively short period but with depth. The low trainer/trainee ratio also attracted me more than some of the shorter mass audience sessions offered elsewhere.

I had not done a residential course for a long time so it was quite a shock for me, over the first few days, when I realised I would be spending 5 full days and nights with the other trainees. However, I quickly realised that this enabled me to completely immerse myself in the course and relax with the group. By the end of the first week we were very close and having some really enlightening discussions in the evenings.

Matt has a unique training style that allows the trainees to relax and not be overwhelmed by the concepts presented. This is a highly experiential course and we undertook lots of practical sessions and watched recorded sessions in order to see and try the techniques in practice. I found I had absorbed much more than I had realised by the end of the first week and was able to immediately put into practice the skills I had learnt. Over the course of the three training sessions Matt worked to increase the scope and depth of understanding and the end result was that I was able to use the techniques with complete confidence.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who wishes to learn about NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. The location for the course is dramatically beautiful overlooking the Cairngorm mountains . I like to run and I really enjoyed running through the surrounding woodland at the end of each day. For me this was both an escape and a unique learning experience.

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