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Matthew Ferguson tutor at Motivation Training

About Matthew Ferguson
Tutor at Motivation Training

Matthew has been a practicing Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer and Motivational Speaker in the UK since 1990. He has a clinical practice in Scotland providing Hypnotherapeutic and NLP retreats.

Matthew is extremely passionate about Hypnotherapy and NLP and wanted to share his skills and knowledge with others. In 2000 he created Motivation Training, a well respected residential training school from where he holds:

His professional qualifications are in various fields from finance to sport. He works with Vrije University, Amsterdam as a therapist, coach and contributor to the institute of Biology & Society which focuses on sustainability and development in society. Matthew has worked with organisations such as Legal & General, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Association of Housing Federations as a motivational speaker, personal team coach and stress management consultant.

In 2012 he coached and worked with Karen Darke who went on to win a Silver in the Paralympics London. He continued to work with Karen after 2012 and in 2016 she won a gold medal in Rio. In the summer of 2017 Karen was selected for The Commonwealth Games. Matthew says "working with Karen was a pure delight I am so proud of her".

Watch Matthew working with Rogan overcoming the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Watch Rogan talking about the difference this has made in his life.

The principle beliefs of Matthew Ferguson are:

That with compassion, understanding and outcome orientated skills, we can bring about healthy change and development.
That we have the ability to tap into conscious and unconscious resources to change and enhance our lives.
Human beings strive to make the best choices available to them based on what they believe and know at a given time.
That positive change can be fast, fun and rewarding in a way that leads to long term growth
That the purpose of Motivation Training is to empower individuals and groups so as to enrich all our lives.

Matthew is a successful published author of various articles and his Motivation Method series of books and CD's The Courage to Change, The Patience to Grow, Stress Management, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking are available on our Books and Downloads Page

Articles and free audios by Matthew Ferguson

A Journey with P.R.I.D.E

Matthew was greatly inspired by his visit to Bangladesh to help support an NGO called PRIDE Foundation (Peoples Resources In Developmental Enterprises). The Rabo Bank of the Netherlands and the Vrije University of Amsterdam support this organisation. The goal of PRIDE is to help poor farmers around the world support themselves. This is achieved by having leaders and organisers, who grew up in desperately poor circumstances of subsistence farming, talk to the farmers and set up projects that will meet the specific challenges they face. The clients must be living hand to mouth, have small or no land or capital, poor communication skills, be technologically badly served by existing institutions and be of low social status.

Pride is currently established in Bangladesh with proposals for establishment elsewhere in the developing world. The people he met from the director to the poor farmers themselves were truly inspiring and exemplify the heart and intelligence that Motivation Training is proud to support.

With Pride

Matthew Ferguson


hypnotherapy practitioner
Senior Practitioner of The General Hypnotherapy Register

Registered with The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council 

Accredited Hypnotherapy Courses

Member of The Hypnotherapy Association

Athentic Happiness Coach

Graduate of the “Authentic Happiness Coaching” programme

Motivation Training, Avingormack, Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire, PH24 3BT | t: 01479 831614