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What is Hypnotherapy

A Brief Introduction

Hypnotherapy is the use of a hypnotic state to therapeutic ends. The hypnotherapist leads the client into a relaxed and receptive state of mind. This state of mind is sometimes referred to as an altered state of mind, trance state or hypnotic state. This subjective experience is akin to being lost in a day dream. The objective evidence for this state is that there are different sets of neural networks being used during hypnotherapy rather than the networks that are seen normally in everyday consciousness. Having conscious agreement on the validity and desirability of the change, both conscious and unconscious resources can be accessed to affect the desired change.

In an altered state, normally induced by the hypnotherapist, positive suggestions and their accompanying beliefs can be absorbed and acted upon by the client. The changes sought are based on the desired outcome of the client using cognitive, psychological and emotional resources to encourage the desired change and development.  

We all have resources that we may not be fully aware of in our normal waking consciousness and experience of life. With the help of a hypnotherapist we can begin to recognise various resources that we have and discover how they can be used to our benefit.

With the use of therapeutic skills, such as regression to earlier experiences, re-framing events and projections into the future, the client can gain a belief of, and expectation of, resourcefulness in a given situation and can become more resourceful in general. This resourceful state can be called upon in everyday life to the client’s benefit.

The client’s responsibility is to be ready and willing for change. The therapist’s responsibility is to work ethically and to the best of their ability to help the client gain the change they desire.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not magic but they are powerful tools to be used in a collaborative way to the client’s benefit.

Hypnotherapy is essentially a process of trust and the utilisation of naturally occurring receptive states of mind that amplify positive resourcefulness and help produce the client’s desired change and development.


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