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How to Rewire your Mind

(Review by Matthew Ferguson)

An interesting article appeared in BBC Science/Focus magazine recently, entitled How to Rewire Your Mind by Professor Richard Davidson. It was promoting his new book The Emotional Life of Your Brain. In the article he says there are, from the research, six emotional styles, they are Resilience, Outlook Style, Social Intuition, Self Awareness Style, and Sensitivity to context Style.


Each style refers to the major ways in which people interpret the world and the way they therefore respond to it. There is of course no one style preferable to another and they all have a value in context. What I found most interesting was that he appears to be promoting the idea that we can learn and develop these styles. Even though there are genetic set points, much is malleable and with the right mental skills, techniques and practice we can alter or enhance the various styles.


He speaks of, what we would recognise as re-frames and mindfulness, two powerful skills that can generate useful changes in not only behaviour but the actual wiring of our brains and he has the research to backup his claims. Although the article doesn't mention self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy or NLP it seems clear to me that those skills do not only alter behaviour but genuinely alter neuron connections and is not so much therapy as rewiring!


See a video of Professor Richard Davidson talking about The Emotional Life of Your Brain.


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Matthew Ferguson SQHP

(Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP, Stress Consultant, Personal Development and Authentic Happiness Coach).


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